Happy birthday Friuli !!!

The history of the Friulian territory has its roots in Roman times but the most important date for its identity remains April 3, 1077. On this date the King of France Henry IV grants the Patriarch Sigeardo, successor of the Patriarch of Aquileia, the title of Duke of Friuli.
An important period for our territory will begin with the constitution of a Parliament that will last more than six centuries, involving in the management of the territory not only the clergy and the nobles but also the individual Municipalities. This institution was for the time a remarkable innovation. Then the Venetian domination will arrive that will weaken this organism until it is extinguished, Friuli will be annexed together with Veneto to Lombardy to form the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom, will be divided between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian empire, will face two world wars and will arrive to the present day but ALWAYS it will preserve its identity of territory, culture and traditions.

Long live Friuli

Arlef (Agjenzie Regjonâl pe lenghe furlane – regional agency for the Friulian language) has published an exciting video for the Fieste de Patrie (feast of the fatherland) that we recommend.

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