Villa Ottelio Savorgnan - Ariis (UD)
Villa Ottelio Savorgnan on the river Stella
Ariis aquarium
Walk along the river at the Ariis Aquarium
Lignano Sabbiadoro beach
View on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro before the start of the summer season
Cycling in the Collio
View on the Collio near the "White sheet" of Oslavia (Gorizia)
Capuchin Church in Gorizia
View on the Capuchin church near Gorizia
Isonzo River near Gorizia
View of the Isonzo river dam at the Piuma Park - Gorizia
Castello di Sotto near Strassoldo
The forum of Aquileia
Archaeological area of Aquileia near the forum
Church of San Donato in Valle
Panorama of the Church of San Donato in Valle near Moimacco (Udine)
Duino Bay
The Duino Bay with the Dama Bianca restaurant in the center
Piazza Unità in Trieste
A sunny morning in Piazza Unità in Trieste, great for a coffee at the "Caffè degli specchi"
Walk of the canals in Zompitta
View of the mountains in the area of Nimis from the cycle path of the canals
Sutrio in winter
The center of Sutrio covered in snow on a sunny morning
Dama Bianca restaurant
The Dama Bianca restaurant and the view of the small port of Duino
Illegio the town of water mills
A traditional house in Illegio